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"Stirling Prentice is one talented hack"

While the artist has given serious thought to the social issues that inform his works, he is not keen to assign meaning for the viewer and would prefer the audience regard the pieces as a conversation, rather than a manifesto. He specifies, “I don’t have a mission. Unless making things in a mission, then that’s the mission”.

“Sometimes I feel like the more conscious I am about asserting meaning into something, the less it looks like anything that anyone would like. The best art doesn’t try to smack you in the face with it: they let you sit down and try to think about it, they encourage or inspire people to think about what this could be about. I hope this will blow out into the ether and come back.”

"That time the CBC wrote an article about me about someone else"

"Ottawa artist takes pop-up shop on the road"

"T-shirt maker adds quirky style to Jazz Fest"

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… raptor riding a whale? Winged Beast Outfitters isn’t your typical t-shirt company