Stirling Prentice + Winged Beast is a decade-old project that continues to experiment with many different forms - illustration, screen printing, painting, photography, sculpture, web design, and multimedia installations.

Every work is an exploration of art and politics, of culture and economics, of that general complexity of the world around us. In all that, there aren’t a lot of answers. Stirling's works look for ways through it all by keeping simple explanations at arm’s length and constantly reaching for new connections between ideas and imagery.

In the end, it is a mishmash aesthetic that is equal parts joy and irony. The resulting collection of images, physical installations, and interactive 'happenings' stand at many intersecting roads, idling on the corners of the physical and the digital, the ephemeral and the abiding, memory and imagination. It is a body of work that is both recognizable and timeless (or at least timely).